Epcom World Industries provides the greatest products and services in the technology sector for home, home office, business, non-profit, education, and government.  Epcom World offers an online purchasing website, computer and server consulting, network design and implementation, creative network solutions, and a certified repair division.  

We believe that moving technology forward and understanding the benefits of technology extends the boundaries of all users.  By working to make technology easier to deploy, understand, and operate, Epcom World Industries gives both consumers and businesses the ability to obtain and maximize all technology purchases and services. 

“Being Green” to provide environmentally friendly products is a priority at Epcom World Industries.  We work with manufacturers and internal design teams to make efficient, elegant, and environmentally friendly technology products available to all consumers.  

Our goals are providing the global community with extraordinary products, great prices, and quality service and support - before and after all sales.  We look forward to serving you with innovative and excellent solutions and hope you consider joining the Epcom World Industries family.