A Jolly Hour on the Trolley by Grace D. Wheeler (February 2006)

The Twilight of Rural Life: The Dissolution of Mystic's Stanton Williams Farm by Rudy J. Favretti (May 2005)

Our Old Factory by the Sea (August 2003)

Stonington in Rebellion, 1775: A Special 350th Anniversary Article by Norman F. Boas (May 1999)

The Glorious Tenth: Stonington's Own Holiday by James Boylan (August 1999)

Stonington's Forgotten Heroes of 1861-65 by James Boylan (May 2000)

Stonington's Civil War Honor Roll, 1862-1865 (May 2000)

Photographs of Stonington's Civil War Graves (May 2000)

The Stately Homes of Lambert's Cove: The Legacy of Gamaliel King, 1795-1875 by Mary M. Thacher (February 2001)

Third Stonington: The Afro-American Baptist Church on Water Street by John V. Hinshaw (May 1992)

Girlhood Memories of a Cabin Boy by Dorothea Hewitt Gould (November 1980)

Captain "St. Peter": From "Des Islas" to Stonington (Part I) by Mary Madeira (August 1973)

Captain "St. Peter": From "Des Islas" to Stonington (Part II) by Mary Madeira (November 1973)

Festival of the Holy Ghost by Betsy Wade Boylan (August 1987)

Please visit the R.W. Woolworth Library Stonington History Resources page for more information on Stonington's history.